Popular Online MBA Schools

online mba schoolsGetting your MBA doesn’t have to be a gruelling, competetive ordeal. Some can afford to get their business degrees from Harvard, Stanford and Columbia, but with more classes offered online and more employers considering online degrees equal to traditional ones, going to the Web to get your MBA is becoming fairly common. Online MBAs are capable of opening the same doors as traditional MBAs, and with a wide variety of programs available in many different concentrations, they’re worth looking into.

Of course, online MBAs aren’t just handed out like candy. They’re still competetive, and the programs are just as content rich as classroom-based ones. Check out these online MBA programs, offered by established, reputable online colleges.

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Everest University
The broad-based online MBA at Everest University gives students the option of concentrating in general management, human resources management, or international business. Business skills covered in the program include economics, finance, marketing, organizational behavior, policy and strategy.

Globe University
Globe’s online MBA program offers the flexibility of part-time classroom training if desired, as well as the option of work credit towards your MBA. The course covers topics such as legal and financial management, project development, IT management and leadership politics.

Keiser University eCampus
This program offers concentrations in leadership for managers, international business and marketing, and covers areas such as accounting, finance, legal and ethical responsibilities of management, marketing and quantitative methods.

Minnesota School of Business
This online MBA includes course content in fiscal resources management, managerial communications, information technology management, business ethics and law. This program also offers a blended course option wherein students can complete part of the program in a classroom, if desired. This option is useful for students who plan on moving into the country.

American Intercontinental University
AIU’s Online MBA program offers concentrations in 10 different fields of business, including finance, HR, management, marketing and international business. The program is flexible, adaptable to the changing market, and can be completed in around 10 months.

Saint Leo University
The online MBA at this Catholic university offers concentrations in accounting, criminal justice, health care administration, human resources administration, information security management, and sport business, as well as a general-track MBA. Small class sizes help students speed through the 12-month program.

Westwood College
This college’s MBA covers topics like general management, e-business management, IT, marketing and financial management. Besides its online learning center, Westwood College also offers its MBA program at its Los Angeles campus.