New Jersey Business Schools in Red Hook, Paramus, Plainfield and other NJ Cities

New Jersey Business Schools & Training Programs

Companies with good management are not only more productive and more profitable, they also grow faster. You can manage your own company with an MBA. The listed schools in Jersey City, Paramus, and the Tri-State area are renowned for their MBA excellence, they also offer online courses. Find out more about the courses offered by contacting a school today!

As a New Jersey business administrator you can work in many fields including:

  • Education – administrating a school as a principal or director.
  • Human Resources – managing and coordinating the administrative functions of an organization.
  • Marketing – monitoring trends for new products and services.
  • Medical and Health Services – working in public health, long-term care or public administration.

Some career figures for accredited MBA school graduates with a human resource management specialization in New Jersey:

  • Average annual salary: $101,010
  • Currently employed: 400
  • Employment outlook: 13% Growth over the next ten years
  • Most popular degree: Master’s

Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.

McCann School of Business & Technology

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Not everyone can devote an entire day to classwork. Some students work full- or part-time jobs while others have children and families to care for. We realize that life can be busy and hectic, so we developed flexible programs that allow students to attend classes at times that are convenient for them.

If you’re looking for flexible career programs, look no further than McCann. We can help you earn an ASB/AST Degree or Diploma without giving up your job or sacrificing time with your family.