Oregon Business Schools in Portland, Eugene, Salem and other OR Cities

Oregon Business Schools & Training Programs

As you will see from our list, we have accredited MBA schools in Portland, Eugene, Salem as well as many other areas. We offer online and traditional classroom courses. If you are already running a business, you can take your classes online at your convenience. Check out our list today to get on the fast track to a great career in business.

As an Oregon business administrator you can work in many fields including:

  • Education – administrating a school as a principal or director.
  • Human Resources – managing and coordinating the administrative functions of an organization.
  • Marketing – monitoring trends for new products and services.
  • Medical and Health Services – working in public health, long-term care or public administration.

Some career figures for accredited MBA school graduates with a human resource management specialization in Oregon:

  • Average annual salary: $97,140
  • Currently employed: 1,260
  • Employment outlook: 13% Growth over the next ten years
  • Most popular degree: Master’s

Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.

Charter College

Charter College is a private, independent institution of higher education that follows a new direction. Charter College is neither a liberal arts college, a university, nor a vocational school. Instead, Charter College borrows certain elements from each of those respected educational institutions to create a unique and innovative experience for our students.

We offer career training programs in the growing fields of health care, business, law, criminal justice, information technology, and select trade careers. We strive to provide our students with a career-focused education that is both relevant in today’s workspace and cutting-edge in technology and focus.